First Fridays

2016, December 2, Friday 18:00:00 to 21:00:00 | Fee: $5.00

First FridaysIn this Edition of #FirstFridays, The Monkey Nuts shift from their "Space and Time" Theme to a "Retro 80s" theme. Think perms; lime, pink and yellow suits, fanny packs, velor, scrunchies, shoulder pads, spandex, mini skirts (do U-21s know what we are talking about???) perms, jean jackets, RELAX, side ponytails, New Jack swing, puffy shirts, headbands, big hair, puffy shirts (there's an episode of Seinfeld dedicated to that), articles of clothing with Mickey Mouse bedazzled on them, Casio watches, "Bhibho" steampunk flip up glasses, Ghetto Blasters (yeah, bring one), Neon.... oh we, just lost ourselves a bit.

#First Fridays- Bring your favorite vinyl record and contribute to the gig, ya dig!

Dress Code

Smart Casual 80s Retro Vibe


Food and Beverages from Outside


On Site


At the Door

Event Owner: Frank Magus Mandeya National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare

“Yes, we used to do the same: when the earth was flat, and the sun circled the earth. Now we know better.”