Afribean Reggae Nite

2016, August 25, Thursday 18:00:00 to 23:59:00 | Fee: CC

Afribean Reggae NiteAfribean Reggae Nite


With Zim's Finest Reggae Brands

Transit Crew | Hotta Fyah | House of Stone | Mannex | JayFari |Cello Culture | Nadine Brown | Ras Caleb | Jah Warria | Jnr Bantan | Logmith | Jah Bless | Jimy Wailer | Wellaz | I-Watta | Nutty Rebel | Gulis Kush

Plus Purification Sound


At the door

Event Owner: Devine Assignments City Sports Bar

“Yes, we used to do the same: when the earth was flat, and the sun circled the earth. Now we know better.”