The Circuit Party (Vol. 3)

2016, June 3, Friday 21:00:00 to 03:00:00 | Fee: $5

The Circuit Party (Vol. 3)The Circuit brings the most epic and danceable music genres from around the world to the wickedest clubs in the capital's CBD. Let the circuit take you around on a city wide party tour accompanied by a soundtrack made up of the craziest remixes, live performances, visuals and specials by some of Zimbabwe's finest DJs and performing artists and entertainers!!

The Circuit is hosted by:

- German Reggae/Dancehall DJ Dawee from the SWS crew (,
- Harare's finest Turntablist - Dj Trickx (JHB SA)
- DJ Nize (JHB SA)
- Vee Mukarati on the sax (
- Tinashe Mukarati (
- Dice Gamble (

Event Owner: Dice Gamble The Volt - 139 Samora Machel Avenue

“Yes, we used to do the same: when the earth was flat, and the sun circled the earth. Now we know better.”