Lake July Dj Festival

2016, July 29, Friday 09:00:00 to 18:00:00 | Fee: $10

Lake July Dj FestivalThis platform is an opportunity for Djs and artists to market themselves allowing them to create lasting impressions with their audience.
In line with our mission of providing developmental opportunities to empower young people to create positive impact, our objective is to also promote and develop Zimbabwe’s Dj talent. Bringing together local Djs will provide a healthy competitive ground which will help improve the local talent. We will have a few artists performing throughout this festival.
This program seeks to identify, promote and develop Dj talent within Zimbabwe.

Dress Code



no under 18




Talk City

Event Owner: Tawanda Hunyani Hills Lake Chivero

“Yes, we used to do the same: when the earth was flat, and the sun circled the earth. Now we know better.”