The Past is For The Future

2016, April 14, Thursday 17:30:00 to 19:00:00 | Fee: $3

The Past is For The Future The play has so many messages.
That with determination and love, one can create from a tragic past a positive future they prefer. Leave the past to the past and struggle for a positive future always.
The Past is For The Future is an emotional story of a young and ambitious actress who was raped by well-known theater production director.
This play that talks about situations most young girl find themselves in when they are raped by people they trust and fall pregnant and have no one to turn to.
She later on dumped her one day old baby at an orphaned with a name tag Ruvarashe as she had no choice but to sacrifice her child for her career and parents.
As the years goes by, the Actress made sure that she was coming to celebrate the birthday of her child and document those memorable events and religiously donated goods and groceries for the past sixteen years to the orphaned.
As fate would demand, when Ruvarashe was 16 years she also wanted to be an Actress and was referred by Dorothy by the orphanage Matron for acting coaching clinics.
The emotional and intriguing play unravels all what happened in the last 16 years as the two met.
The play ends with Ruvarashe in the same situation that her mother found herself in, sacrificing her career for her parents or her parents for her career?
Written by Stephen Chifunyise
Directed by Eunice Tava
Production Adviser Rooftop Promotions Producer Daves Guzha

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